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Welcome from the Team


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A warm welcome to all new readers here form the entire FSLabs Team!

I'll be your host here on these forums, making sure you get answers from the experts on any questions you may have. And seeing to it that everything here remains friendly and good-humored.

The General Forum is a place to communicate with us and amongst yourselves about topics that are not necessarily related to our products or their support.

We DO ask you to not stray too far away from flightsim and aviation topics however, we'd like to keep our forums dedicated to the hobby!

Within that limitation there is more than enough to talk/write about, so let's hear it !

Warmest regards,


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Guest Paul Smith

Hi Guys:

Up until now, my FS Related posting and forum usage has been limited to BAVirtual, but, as you can see i am spreading my wings, and this is great news. I have been eagerly awaiting the SSTSim for FSX for a while now, as i no longer fly in FS9. (sorry, but FSX really is better), and so to see that development is getting a boost with this new partnership is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Good luck to the team, and heres to the future



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Thanks for the good wishes Paul. Check back from time to time to see the progress :-)

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and welcome to the community.

I wish the Flight Sim Labs team good luck.

Look forward to all the good things you will bring the community in the future !

?a?? t???



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Hi Stef, and thank you ! I think we'l see each other in Lelystad again?


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  • 40 years later...


Im really sorry...with this situation about the installation of the fslabsconcordex going on, i dont intruduce myself my name is Paulo and i came from Portugal, i have 40 years old and i was born in Funchal, Madeira (Port).

I love the concorde since i was a little boy and in that time when i sleep with my parents some nights i was wake up with the sound of thunder...later my father explain to me that sound, the windows swinging the things moving in the wood table...it was the concorde flying from London to New York or New York to London flying at mach 2.04 or 1155 knots (2140 km/h or 1334 mph), more than twice the speed of conventional aircraft...


And here i am...

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