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Thank you Steve!

Rafal Haczek

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I would like to thank Steve Drabek for painting a few excellent liveries on the FSLabs A320.
This is a master painter who listens to people's requests and does an excellent job for the price of 'Thank you'.

So, thank you very much, Steve!

Here are a few screenshots of my just finished flight with your repaint.
Ural Airlines 265 from Moscow Domodedovo to Yekaterinburg Koltsovo.

1. Early morning at Moscow Domodedovo stand 15:


2. Climbing out of Domodedovo's runway 14L:


3. The Sun is climbing as well as I am:


4. Though it is not yet very bright in the cockpit:


5. Cruising over snow-covered Russia towards the Ural mountains to cross the border between Europe and Asia:


6. Unfortunately I was too busy landing to take screenshots on finals, so here's one already taxiing at Yekaterinburg Koltsovo:


7. And deboarding passengers and luggage at stand 8:


8. With some rather stylish Russian buildings in the background:


Thanks for watching and thanks to Steve once again! :)

Visible add-ons used in the flight:
- FSLabs A320 X
- Steve Drabek's Ural Airlines livery (thankware)
- Moscow Domodedovo by MDesign
- Yekaterinburg X from Aerosoft
- clouds HDE by Pablo Diaz (freeware)
- sky textures by Navid Hashemi (freeware)
- ActiveSky 2016

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Great shots Rafal!

Sorry for the late reply but as you can imagine I'm pretty busy with paints and the holiday season now upon us.

I've also started splitting my painting time between the A320 and the very nice iFly 747. She is a great rendition and I really enjoy flying the 747.

Look for some of my posts over on Avsim of the one's I'm painting, I'm kinda' focusing on freighters as that is the type of flying I like to do.  We just need iFly to push out both the pure freighter (small hump) and BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter) which is a 744 passenger version with the long hump converted to a freighter.  I wish there was a way to block out the windows on their model so my repaints looked like true BCF freighters, but we'll just have to wait.

Anyway, consider your screenshots of the Ural Airlines A320 as payment in full for my painting services. :)

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4 minutes ago, Bryn said:

Hi, that's a great Ural repaint.  Is there a link for the download?  Cheers, Bryn.

You should send a PM to the painter asking, he might just give it to you. ;)

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Alessandro Dallago

By the way, Ural is a such a fascinating airline, if you ever want to see an airline that covers nearly most of the world with an A320 its this one, they cover as far west as Lisbon to Thailand and maybe Vladivostok. They put the A320 to good use thats for sure! 

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