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Beautiful sunrise departure....

Steve Drabek

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I'm usually very busy painting where the only time I open the A320 in the sim is to do a final inspection of my paints.  However this morning I just on a whim set my location to Tegel in Berlin since I was checking the paint on my latest Condor paint.

Set ASN to actual weather, departed and when I broke though the overcast this was the sight I was greeted with:


After marveling for a few moments just how beautiful flightsim can be at certain times/weather conditions, I snapped a few shots of the paint reflecting that wonderful orange morning glow:





I'll be uploading this paint soon, along with several other variations of Thomas Cook and Condor (They have more variations to keep a painter busy for YEARS!):blink:

Enjoy the screens guys. (click them to open them in a larger format, if you didn't know that already...the preview pic that displays in the forum is much lower quality).


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absolutely stunning Steve!

(might need a new set of pants..)


Lars (LarsTheAviator)

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