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Hello San Diego, and thank you Steve Dra for your liveries! :)

Mykel Talab

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Not sure how these would turn out on here. Deboarding at San Diego after leaving Philly behind. 






p.s     was curious about capturing stills, are the majority of simmers using Fraps or just the image capture through fsx? 


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Steve Drabek

Nice pics MT!

To create my pics in flightsim, I just hit the printscreen key and paste it into my old version of Paint Shop Pro 9 (it has a smaller footprint than the newest one I use to paint, and its really quick).

Then I crop them, sharpen them (to make up for the jpeg compression), add the border, and most important...save as a jpeg, using the jpeg export tool.  This takes your 8mb BMP files, and compresses them to 250kb!  

Next I attach them here using the link below that says choose files...

Finally, I click the little + sign in the image thumbnail that allows you to insert your images into your post...like so....






This way folks can see the pics right here without downloading then opening. :)


Thanks for flying one of my paints....hope to see more in the future...Its one of the best ways you can show appreciation to your freeware painters. ;)

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Cheers for the heads up SD :) 
I even felt a bit cringey just knowing why the stills weren't coming out like everybody elses, haha! Cheers. 

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