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Unusual Epic visual approach at LFKJ


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Hi guys,


there is standard visual approach for RWY 20 at LFKJ but some compagnies like Air France has an alternate visual approach for RWY called "approche par le col"

Right chart below ( RNAV Visual 20) :


So basically after you aim to be at 3000 fts at AJO15.  NAV is prohibited after passing AJO15 and you should leave the discontinuity between AJO15 and LAC. VDEV is to be used after passing LAC.

So to perform this app the most efficient way is to aim at the lake (lac in french) after AJO15 and then turn right and align with the RWY, after making the turn you whould at LAC at 1000 feets and then descent with a path of -3.7° 

I highly recommend you guys to perform this challenging approach, and thanks to the chart you can enter those 3 waypoints because their coordinates are given ( that's what I did)

approche par le col LFKJ.jpg


This is how it's done irl by a AF A32X captain : 


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