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New P3D V3.4


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Hi Guys:

Can I use fslspotlights with new version of P3D 3.4 or does it have to be updated - why I ask is after update of P3D it would not run - uninstalled fslspotlights and P3D ran - thanks 

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Lothar Gentzsch

Thank You Lefteris. Same to me. I`ve deinstalled Spotlight ( freeware with A320X) P3D 4.3 is starting now, but FSX does`nt start anymore. Onlly a back window occur instead an aircraft on startscreen.

Looking forward for solution.




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Lefteris Kalamaras

To save everyone else posting a "me too" thread, yes, this is the case, there will be a new FSLSpotlights coming soon. The delay is due to the fact that I've identified the reason why ReShade was crashing and I am fixing (I hope) in FSX, so rather than issuing successive releases, I'll do a single one, just a bit later.

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2 hours ago, Lefteris Kalamaras said:

OK - new version ( is now in our downloads section. Please try it and report back here.

Awesome - will give it a go after work tonight - thanks for the quick turn around :)  

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