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[Resolved]FSL Spotlights Error

santiago fierro

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santiago fierro

Please your help , I find in the forum a mistake like mine , it does not work properly Spotlights program when you start the FSX me the screen where the planes are in black appears not leave any plane , please your help this is the only problem I have.

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I've found this post near the other... and now I've reinstalled Win 10 and FSX, I've got this.

No FSLSpotlights issue for the moment. And only A320X, FSUIPC and FSLSpotlights installed.



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I didn't see anything about it in the FAQ. But I find on the internet that I have to delete this.


Is this right?

But as I've deleted it 6 times for now and restarted FSX, I still got the issue. But if I uninstall FSLSpotlights, it goes back to normal.

What I'm supposed to do for now?:(

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Lefteris Kalamaras


let's get rid of some possible issues first:

1) You have latest version? ?

2) You rebooted after installing?

3) You don't have any ReShade or other shader effect add-ons?

4) You have all latest Windows updates?

5) You are running FSX as administrator?

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I reinstalled the FSLSpotlights and reboot then. I also set the FSX running as administrator and... IT WORKS!!!!! :D

I thought I did those things but no ^^.

Thanks a lot Lefteris!!!

Best Regards!

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