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First flights.

Carlos Domingos

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Carlos Domingos

Well, after a few days with the excellent FSLabs A320, not even a single oom error, and plenty of fun, all I could do is post some of my screens as a token of appreciation to FSLabs.














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I am very happy you enjoy I cannot get started. Do you mind giving me a help from starting with fsx steam setup and installing and setting the A320X. I will appreciate. tks.


Your setup looks marvelous.

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Carlos Domingos

To be perfectly honest I followed all the instructions on the faq regarding fsx options and system configurations, and I'm using dx10. The only options I have setup differently from the faq is the water setting which is at 2x min and traffic which is at 10%, and I'm using the original fsx (I bought fsx se but never used it). This proves that even with the settings as low as FsLabs advises all of us to have it is still possible to obtain decent visuals without compromising performance.

Regarding my .cfg file the only extra there is the Highmemefix which you won't need if using fsx se. 

I also have Rex with soft clouds, active sky 2016, and most of these pics were taken above Lisbon, with Lisbon city scenery from Latin enhance. 

Try to follow FsLabs FAQs regarding installation and system configuration and I'm sure you'll be able to get a setup as good as mine.

I have an i7 4790k @4.6ghz, 16gb ram and a gtx970, my frames rarely drop bellow 26 even on cpu intensive areas, and during all phases of the flight.

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