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[Resolved] Spotlights error

Alexis Riviere

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Alexis Riviere


I bought A320X and re-installed latest build of Spotlights but this messages appears. If I click No FSX is closing.

I'm under W10 admin mode, avast, FSX legacy acceleration.



error spotlight.png

Sans titre.png

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Richard Fiery

Same issue for me with same error message that pops up right before FSX would fire up into the Free Flight Window.

My config is Win 10, FSX Steam.

Been through FAQ's and tried multiple options:

  • The dxgi.dll is at version 10.0.10586.494
  • FSX.exe set at admin
  • Registry tool run and set
  • Tried in DX10 and DX9 mode - deleted shaders each time. (No DX10 fixers used - just plain MS tick box)
  • No TAC Pac, but I do have the Steam Alaska adventure add-on disabled but still appering in my EXE.DLL
  • Ezdok fails if I select yes and then FSX CTD
  • Uninstalled an reinstalled twice with anti-virus off.
  • Will try my old machine this weekend and see if same issue appears.
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