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After Spotlights Installation FSX CTD on startup(A320 version)


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Good day FSL Support team,


unfortunately I'm encountering the same fatal-error-on-fsx-startup issue as the people in this closed thread:


I installed the software as per Airbus 320 installation Guide with AV software disabled, (firewall off as well) and as admin including reboot when advised.

However upon starting FSX crashes with a fatal error before even reaching the main menu.

This is the log from windows event viewer:


I already searched the forum for "dxgi.dll" which is how I  found the above closed thread. After deinstalling FSL spotlights, FSX was able to start again normally. I re-installed FSL spotlights again and the fatal error reappeared.

I checked my dxgi.dll  file properties according the FSL spotlight FAQ and I do a newer version already (6.3.9600.17415) than the one mentioned in the FSL spotlight CTD FAQ

My system is windows 8.1   64bit

FSX : SE  with DX10 preview mode enabled.

FSL Airbus version installed

FSL Spotlight version:

both downloaded fresh yesterday morning.

I also checked my dll.xml for any VRS tac Pack entries, but there are none.

And I deleted the contents of the shader10 folder to rebuilt the shade cache.

Still the issue persists.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this CTD on startup?

Kind regards,


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Lefteris Kalamaras


my apologies if you feel that a Teamviewer session on your computer to resolve the issue might be a security risk - I assure you all we do with Teamviewer is help you fix the problems (95% of those cases are users not having read the FAQ).

We don't have any other easy way of assisting you so if you refuse this, you're essentially blocking yourself :(.

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santiago fierro


hello Lefteris, how I can help by TeamViewer ? I have a problem with Spotlights after install to start the simulated in the aircraft selection screen is black and I can not see the selected plane I FSX standard W -7 64-bit please help with viwer team already took several days for help

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Santiago I've responded to you many times over email via support. You don't seem to want to follow my instructions. I asked you to delete your shader cache and you don't seem to understand to do it. Not sure what more I can tell you if you can't or will not follow this. 

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