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[RESOLVED]Show Window doesn'twork


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Hi guys,

I downloaded the trial version in order to try this program, but after creating and saved a profile and go inside P3d V3.2.3 I find under Addons the "FSlight Spotlight" utility, but if I click on "show Windows" nothing pull up. I tried to reduce the Windows, but was not able to find anything, tried on all views, VC-pannel mode, outside, what I am doing wrong? Obviously, I am Starting from LGAV 


Donwloaded the last version.



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9 hours ago, Lefteris Kalamaras said:

Can you update to the latest P3Dv3? it's v3.3.5

Hi Lafteris, whatched your interview you made with Matt Davies, if it was you, the A320 looks amazing!!!

Anyway is it mandatory?

I got a problem of VAS with the last version, and the p3d hotfix they made is giving me several crashes with add ons. I have 500gb of add on on 2 different ssd, it mean 1 week to reinstall everything again.

Another trick? or does it work only with 3.3.5? I can downgrade to a previous build the Spotlight if you give me an advise of wich version I should try witch p3d v3.2.3

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Ilario,

thank you for the kind words! That was Andy Wilson, my fellow developer - I agree, he's a super guy and very friendly too!

Regarding latest versions - I am quite sure you'll understand we cannot support older versions of simulators, or things would become a nightmare. I understand your situation, but honestly, it's impossible for us to be able to support all previous versions (and neither does Lockheed Martin, in all honesty).

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Ok I understand that, my question was another. I don't want necessarly using the last build, i just want to try that it works inside the sim, There are 5 different builds of Spotlight, and each was designed for a different version of p3d i guess (3.0- 3.1- 3.2- 3.3-3.3xx)

I just need and advise of wich build i can try to use it with vers 3.2 ( is it the - 19? - 20? )

I am sure a previous build will work, and if it works and , I will  like, I will use it,  and purchase it, doesn't matter if it is not the last one.

The strange think is that when I start the Spotlight manager it syas that it is connected, also I am able to create the profiles, also inside the sim on the upper menu I can see the FSspotligh under "add on", the only think it doesn't pull up the inside menu as per it says in the manual, are they any short cut key, like Shift+?? . Could be the menu is downsized and I am not able to recognize it. Also it's strange thatmust the the last version of P3d, I am not using an old build such as vers 2.0 or 2.5, but one of the last 3.2.3 before the 3.3 come out, and it was supported with the previous builds of spotlight, so it's strange that they are not backward compatibility, may be my previous explanation was not correct




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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Ilario,

as with any other add-on, we do not support any previous version even if you still have it... I'll even remove older versions from the Downloads section, if they remained there by accident.

(Same is true if you look at FSUIPC, for example).

Sorry if that's inconvenient, but we cannot afford the resources to support older versions...

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Ok, any way, will try with build 18 and 19


the changelog say:


What's New in Version 1.0 - Build 18   See changelog 

Released March 11

  • Version
  • - Updated to support Prepar3D v3.2

So this should be the version to try, will let you know.


Or even:


What's New in Version 1.0 - Build 19   See changelog 

Released March 11

  • Version
  • - Fixes an initialization issue with FSX Steam
  • - Supports Prepar3D v3.2


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Hi Lefteris, just to advise, was able to use Spotlight, I tried first with the build 19, then I tried to start manually the FSL service and then it came up in down corner on the left.

unistalled the build 19 and installed the last build 21, it work also.


Last bild also working with 3.2.3

now I have to study how to manage the lights and how it works





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12 hours ago, Lefteris Kalamaras said:

Thank you for the heads-up!

You can close this thread if you wish.

The last question ,are there template available for the free airbuses a320  or 737-800 ?


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