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[Resolved]FSX and P3D Crash

Ross G

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Well, I Guess I will post. I am a little disappointed. After many years in the flight sim hobby I have grown very weary of having to fix software after I buy it. I have went through the forums and not found a single post that points to one particular addon that causes my flight sims to crash with FSSpotlights. Downloaded the demo a few weeks ago and it seemed to run fine in FSX. Could not try it in P3D as it was not 3.3.5 compatible yet.

So I went ahead and spent the 20 dollars last night and guess what? it now causes both of my sims to crash before even getting to the scenario screen. P3D crashes with no error message and does not leave a message in the event viewer. FSX:SE crashes with some kind of dxgi.dll  error.

I have seen the posts about disabling everything in my DLL file but seriously, Should I have to do that when I purchase a product? 

I am going to attach my DLL files for both flight sims. If anyone can see a dll that causes a problem let me know. Otherwise I am going to write this off as a waste of money.


After 30 years in flight sim I am tired of working on it more then flying it.



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Lefteris Kalamaras


you said you downloaded it and it worked just fine - and then you purchased a license and it started crashing?

How is that possible - all the license does is unlock the area limitation...


The entire idea behind the "try-before-you-buy" notion is EXACTLY so that users will never have to guess if it will work for them after they pay for a license...

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Lefteris Kalamaras

dxgi.dll errors point to some other add-on having been installed at a later time - very possibly reShade (or an equivalent add-on) or (in the case of P3D), the newer shader tweaker utilities... have you installed something like that perhaps?

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Hi Lefteris. The demo I downloaded was an earlier version. I uninstalled it after trying it and when I purchased I instead downloaded the newest version as it was now useful in P3D 3.3.5. I am running the Shaders Tweak for P3D called Realism Shader Pack. I am not running any shader addons for FSX.

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So here is what I have done so far. I deleted the FSX.cfg and now I have it running in FSX:SE.

Still can not get P3D v3 to stop crashing. I have rebuilt the shaders. I have deleted the P3D.cfg and neither of those have worked. If I disable FSSpotlights in the DLL.xml P3D runs fine but if I enable it it crashes with no error message.

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I have now gone through the DLL.xml file for P3D and disabled everything except FSUIPC and FSSpotlights and P3D still crashes with no error code.

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Yes, did that. Uninstalled it. Started P3D and let it build shader's. Shut down P3D and re-enable loading of FSSpotlights. P3D Crashes on Startup.

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Lefteris Kalamaras

So - to recap:

1) You have a "vanilla" P3D v3.3.5 (latest) with only FSLSpotlights installed (latest version).

2) You have no add-on shader tweakers (ReShade or anything else) installed

3) It still crashes?

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Yes, that is correct. The only thing in the DLL.xml that is loading is FSUIPC and FSSpotlights. There is also another DLL.xml file in the ProgramData folder on my C:\ Drive but I disabled all in that also and still no help.

 I have enclosed a copy of my DLL.xml for you to look at and you will see only the 2 things re enabled.

Love the program, Loved it when I beta tested it. Just wish I could figure this out.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I have now done a complete reinstall of of P3D version .17625 There is nothing in my DLL file except FSSpotlights and it still does not work. This install included deleting all folders so it can not be a shader issue. Please help.


Again, this is a vanilla install and no settings have been touched. Other then re-running all the simconnects only thing added is FSSpotlights.


It crashed twice with an ntdll.dll error but now P3D just shuts down and gives no error codes.

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I see you're running Win7.  Is the Win7 SP1 installed?  If yes, do you also have the Win7 SP1 Platform update installed as well?  Please see this post -



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BOB!!!! WOW!!!    You are a genius sir!!! Sorry I didn't see that FAQ. P3D does not crash on load!! After fixing the first problem Spotlights Manger would crash on me when trying to register it with P3D. I just went ahead and opened FSX and registered it thought that and now all is well!!! I can not thank you enough.   :)

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