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Spotlight and Concorde


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Will i get any advantages if i buy full Spotlight package over limited version which is a part of new Concorde package ?

Can i get better lightning effect ?

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Lefteris Kalamaras

The downloadable Spotlights package works 100% fully with any FSL aircraft, i.e. the Concorde-X and the upcoming A320-X without needing to purchase a license for it. The license unlocks it for all other aircraft.

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Hi Lefteris,

Thanks for answer.

I understand that with full package i would have possibility to edit lights - beams, colour etc.

Light editing option is not available in Concorde.

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Maybe i do something wrong but i do not see option to modify existing Concorde lightning.

Using Spotlight Manager i can create new spotlight set, but that is not my target. 

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Can you please attach your FSLSpotlights.ini file that exists in the FSLabs_BAe-Concorde folder? I just retested and I am getting proper group names...

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Hi, i do not have such file in given location.

To be sure i re-installed Spotlights, but still such file is not created

P3D3.2 / Spotlight v.19

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Lefteris Kalamaras

I removed a couple of our posts that were actually factually incorrect.

To clarify:

I would, first and foremost, recommend that you upgrade P3D to v3.3.5 and then reinstall the latest Concorde-X for P3D, v1.34 (which you can find in our paid products redownload area) and latest Spotlights v21 (which you can find in the forum downloads).

That should bring you up to date and you'd then have the latest FSLSpotlights.ini file in the Simobjects\Airplanes\FSLabs_BAe-Concorde folder which would also include light groups for editing.

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Whole Concorde reinstalled and Spotlights v.21 installed.

Now things looks better.

Only one question remains - red note that it is trial mode and is working only at LGAV, is it so ?


1 (1024x576).jpg

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Lefteris Kalamaras

While FSLSpotlights itself is in trial mode and will only work around LGAV for non-FSLabs aircraft, this limitation is not true for any FSLabs aircraft, such as the Concorde-X or the upcoming A320-X...

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