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Same *.ini different aircraft


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I've edited the Aerosoft A320 cockpit. I'm using exactly the same Ezdok settings for both A318/19 and A321 but somehow when I copy the Spotlight *.ini to the respective aircraft, it doesn't work and the cockpit stays dimmed. When I open the Spotlight Configurator then all the LAMPS are there but the cockpit stays unlit. Any reason or help, please?



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Lefteris Kalamaras

It's entirely possible the cockpit is not the same distance from the aircraft center in the three variants, since the 319 is shorter than the 320 and the 321 longer.

Try to figure out the length differences and add/subtract from the z-axis accordingly.

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Thank you Lefteris - I've figured that out and will have to sit through the same process for all aircraft :wacko:

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