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Controls Not Visible In Menu Or On Screen With .18 And .19


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Lefteris Kalamaras


You are an experienced simmer. I expected more of you in terms of a solid report. Yours is akin to

"a tree suddenly appeared on the road".

Obviously, there's more details you can give. What were you doing, how did you load, is the dll.xml entry still there, etc. etc. Screenshots would also be welcome.

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I was going to fix the issue and then give a detailed report. My post was a fishing line in the pond if you wish, to see if I'd catch anything that you were aware of.

Was using P3D V3.0 - on .17. Everything worked. I upgraded the Spotlights to V .18 and the module would not show in the ALT menu and the pull-down tab used to hide or show the software was absent. This is the same with V .19.

It wasn't until I reverted back to .17 that everything worked. I'm assuming that V .18 and up are not compatible with P3D 3.0?

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