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How To Get Fsl Spotlights After A Concorde Purchase


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Hi guys,

I've just purchased your amazing Concorde. I've read somewhere that I should get FSL with the purchase. How do I get an activation code for Spotlights ?

Thanks for your help !

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Thanks but how do you activate it ?

If you want to add spotlights to non-FSL aircraft then you'll need to purchase a license. You'll need to download and install the latest version, click the Help menu, then Registration.

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You can use Concorde X (and the upcoming A320 X) with FSLSpotlights free of charge without any limitations. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase the full version.

That is nice of them but the Concorde X is so well lit up already in the VC, it doesn't seem to really need it.

Or are there other uses that I'm not thinking of?

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Martin Parr

Permit me to jump in here. I have downloaded Spotlights. Two aspects have come to light (no pun intended):

1/. When Concorde-X is running and I load Spotlights, none of the lights that I set show up in the aircraft itself.

2/. In the addons drop menu for Concorde-X it states to hide or show, etc Spotlights, but nothing happens.

While appreciating that the manual has been designed for those that have purchased Spotlights, so that it may be installed and used for any aircraft, am I missing something for those that have Concorde-X and Spotlights' usage?

Thank you

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Lefteris Kalamaras


your observations are spot on (sic). You are correct that any FSL aircraft lights are directly controlled using the knobs and switches in the panels themselves - not using the external manager. I might add something in the manager to display this.

As for the drop menu, it should not be there when FSL aircraft are loaded...

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