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Spotlights Dxgi.dll Error


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Hello, FSX wont start and crash with a dxgi.dll error after installed spotlights, FSX work fine without spotlights.

My configuration; win 8.1, GTX980m with last nvidia drivers, FSX sp2 with DX10 sceneryfixer 2.11.

Thx for your help.


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Phil - I moved this topic from the Concorde-X forum as it specifically is a Spotlight's only issue, and will need assistance from the other devs to troubleshoot this issue. Are you running any add-on DirectX enhancer, such as SweetFX or some such?

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Hello i havent sweet fx or another addon like this. I using just dx10 sceneryfixer and scenery addon like aerosoft aeroports and ftx global. I installed the v1.3 concorde too.

Thx for your help.


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Can you check if you have dxgi.dll in your root FSX folder? If so, it's installed by some 3rd party utility (not Steve's DX Fixer) and you need to identify which one is responsible.

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lefteris, my problem in progress, when i started FSX in DX9, no crashes, spotlights work fine, i just a kernelbase.dll crash after maximize the fsx windows when i finished my settings in spotlights. But when i re-switch FSX in DX10 FSX crash on startup with dxgi.dll error.

Information: i installed the hotfix concX.dll

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