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[Resolved] Crash With Fsl Spotlights After Minimizing The Window Of The Simulator.

Aleksey Kochi

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Aleksey Kochi

I use windowed mode and sometimes I put it on pause and minimize the window of the simulator. After installation in P3DV3.1 FSL Spotlights to work in Concorde 1.3 , I can't restore the window simulator and get a crash.

This happens with any aircraft I use. Including F22 default. Not only with Concorde-X 1.3

If I remove FSL Spotlights, everything works fine.

Computer specification in the signature.

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Aleksey Kochi

Forgot to add, this problem only in P3DV3. I have installed FSX and there such problems with FSL Spotlights no. Everything works fine in FSX.

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Aleksey Kochi

I found when this problem appears in P3DV3.1 on my computer with the FSL Spotlights.

1. When I deleted Prepar3D.cfg and turned on the simulator, there were no problems. Minimizing, and restoring windows was fine with the default settings.

2. Then I started to configure the simulator. I changed the setting back to the simulator and check the minimize and restore the window.
Each change I checked. Everything was fine until the time came to configure the shadows.

3. I set shadows on all objects (trees, houses, airplanes ...). Everything is fine until I turned on unlimited frame rate and vertical sync

4. When checked again minimizing, and restoring Windows, I got the message display driver stopped responding and has recovered then crash P3D V3.

The experiment was repeated three times with the same result.

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Aleksey Kochi

Finding the problem narrowed down.
If I turn on HDR the problem goes away. (I don't usually use HDR on P3D3, I don't like it)
I don't know how related FSLSpotLights and HDR, but if I turn off HDR, it will crash the video driver and then P3DV3, it happens when I restore the window of the simulator

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Aleksey Kochi

Hi. It's me again. :)
Sometimes I meet again the old problem. This happens even with HDR enabled. I noticed one peculiarity. If I hide the window of the simulator for a short time, for example 5 minutes, then return the window perfectly. If I hide the window, for example 30 minutes and more, the simulator is running, the aircraft at flight level, when I restore the window is happen CTD. 

It happens with any plane. Not only ConcordeX. If I turn off the module (FSLSpotLights.off) , the problem goes away.

Of course I have the latest version FslSpotlights 1.19  and Concord 1.32. P3DV3.2

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