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Ctd Prepar3D V 3.1 Continues With Version


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lefteris Good afternoon, also not had suceso installing this version on my prepar 3d version 3.1 is happening ctd including restarted the pc but the failure continues,there is some new suggestion for solution of this failure or should I wait for a new update ?so I installed my prepar 3d version 3.1 and uninstalled my old fsx and all the add ons , noting that typically install the spotlights , just when I open the preparr 3d is the ctd , thank you for everything and I look,congratulations again for Spolights because I consider my best add on pore mestou sad to not be able to use yet. Regards

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hi no momento em que instalei não tinha nenhum add on instalado e não utilizo nem enb series e nem sweet fx,now already I installed my gsx to start using my prepar 3d since it uninstalled all fsx and add ons that were in it, he prepar3d presented ctd without any add on only installed spotlights do not understand why ? this is happening , it installs okay, but when opening the prepar3d have ctd , uninstall the spotlights and prepar3d opens and functions normally .agradeço attention

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hi Lefteris ,only a example: I removed all add ons all my prepar3d and installed both :

1 ) the 1015 version installed ok I open spotlighs program , open the prepar3d also ok without ctd the spotlights program responds connected however simulator inside the simulator does not appear any add on menu and not the icon at the bottom as usual

2 ) the version I install 1016 , also without any add on but already not start prepa3d already occurs ctd see attached image
I believe that in my case the least worst was the 1015 version but not good because it does not appear in the simulator

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Lefteris Kalamaras

I have uploaded a new version (v1.0.0.17) of the FSLSpotlights that fixes a crash which occurs on platforms that do not have HDR lighting enabled.

Please let me know if this works for you now.

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hi Lefteris unfortunately still did not work see the picture and I even installed first with enabled HDR and gave ctd and then reinstalled the spotlights without HDR enabled and has not changed anything, ctd continues , but I trust you guys and I know they will soon be able to correct , I look what I consider my best investment in simulation greetings


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hi Lefteris looked around the prepar3d including in sub folders, but have no file starting with dx ... I was with .dll extension including folders roaming app users and local prepar3d but also there is nothing started with dx that uses the extension. dll sent a picture of my prepar3d to confirm


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