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From One Sim To Another?


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Lefteris Kalamaras

It should work properly, just copy the FSLSpotlights.ini file over to the other folder.

Note: If you were working on FSX DX9, there might be slight modifications required - DX10 and P3D (which runs in DX11) are using pixel shaders whereby DX9 is using vertex shaders. Chances are you won't even see any differences though.

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Thanks, love the product but having trouble with it opening in P3Dv3. P3D sometimes stalls and a window pops up saying that spotlights did not connect. Also most of the time the small icon on the bottom screen does not appear in P3D full or windowed screens.

I have it setup for both FSXSE and P3Dv3 and it works great in FSXSE but not always in P3D.

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sure,, here is the pop up I get randomly in P3D. Also if it does connect I sometimes do not get the small icon in the bottom left screen. Really want this to work in P3D as that is the sim I use to fly in. I use FSX only to do paints for developers and test software.


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Reinstalling will not make a difference.

Send me a PM and we'll try to resolve on your computer using some logging mechanism tricks we have under our sleeve.

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