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[Solved] Cant Get The Spotlight Window Within Fsx To Show


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hi there.

whatever i do, i cant get the spotlight window within fsx to show. the addon menu item "fslabs spotlights" with "hide window" "show window" is available but appears to perform no action.

otherwise the spotlights can be created and manipulated via the external program. this is inconvenient as i have to get into windowed mode to do this. any solution? ive tried reinstalling.

do provide a solution.

win 10 64 bit, fsx acceleration, i5 4690k, 16 GB ram, r9 280x.

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Can you please offer some more details:

- What aircraft are you loading? Does this also happen with the default 737-800?

- Are you running the latest v1.0.0.9 beta?

- Do you have any extra add-ons that modify shaders (ReShade, ENB series, etc).

- Are you running VRS Tac-Pack? If so, can you try disabling Experimental D3D mode and check?


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