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Modifying Default Aircraft Lighting


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During waiting Time until the Bus Comes out, i am flying with the aerosoft Airbus. As the Default lighting works only with one Switch, is it possible to modify this? i Need only knob illuminating, and the rest i want to use with FSL Spotlights.

thank you in advance (hope you understand me)


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In the plane “Aerosoft Airbus X” I can either switch the lights on or off. By “lights” I mean the spotlights and the buttons of the dashboard. There is no way the steer those two separately.

What I want to achieve is to keep the original button of the dashboard on, and to use the spotlight of the add-on FSL Spotlights. Is there a way to do this ?

thank you

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Lefteris Kalamaras

So you're looking for integration of the VC knobs and switches with our FSL Spotlights?

We have no way of achieving this globally, as we don't have any way to get condition change notifications from VC objects (such as knobs and switches).

If I understand you correctly, you wish to have the Aerosoft lights off, while using the knobs and switches to control our FSLSpotlights lamps, is that right?

For this to happen, you'd have to intercept the Aerosoft VC event notification from reaching their code and integrating it somehow with the FSL Spotlights - at this time this is not possible (and that's why the FSL Spotlights has its own lights control window).

The simplest / best solution would be for the aircraft developers to get in touch with FSLabs and introduce an update which will stop using the old texture-based lighting technique, while at the same time calling our FSLSpotlights library to control the lamps.

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Hi Lefteris

It seems that you're still not understanding me correctly. in the pic below i try to explain what (my little) problem is. as in this add on aircraft, all lights are turned on or off with one switch. my question is, if there is any possiblitity to modify (switch off) the spotlights, without loosing the buttons light. hope you understand me now :-)

thank you very much for your help and also for your great work! the day when fsl airbus comes out, the problem will be solved anyway.... ;-)




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Lefteris Kalamaras

OK, yes, I understand now - this is unrelated to FSL Spotlights anyway - you're asking if you can disable some of the Aerosoft lights while keeping others there. This is something you need to discuss with the authors, I guess - they might be able to assist you on how to do this.

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I don't own spotlights addon but probably will buy it.

If you own the last addons of aerosoft bus, there's an option

on configuration "Dark cockpit". It disables that lights, so you can

use spotlights for flood lights and the default panel for integral.



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