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[Solved] Trouble With Manager

Dan Longano

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I saw the video of the transparent pop up and I understand that part. Getting the manager to work is confusing.

I read page 9 in the manual and it's confusing me. I learn best if there's a video on how to do the manager.

I've got the lisence copy and I fired up FSX. Got the PMDG 737 on the runway. Got the manager up , then

right clicked the box on the left side, then saw "new group ". Couldn't do the rest.

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When I drag a light to the left to activate it, I'm not dragging just one light, but several light boxes follow. The circle lights up orange, but I can't get the edit pop up.That's as far as I get. Almost ,not enough.

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Lefteris Kalamaras

I am not sure I understand what you mean when you say "several light boxes follow" - select a single lamp from the right hand "Available - Unused" group, drag it and drop it inside the group that you have created. Is that not happening properly?

Once you've dropped the lamp in the group, then you can right-click it and click 'Edit' from the drop-down menu to edit its properties.

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Once again I opened FSX and used my PMDG 737-800.

Opened the Manager.

Right clicked on the box on the left hand side.

That opened new group.

I put my curser on Lamp # 0 ,held down on the left button of my mouse and then draged the Lamp #0 to the left and placed it in the window in the small box on the left.

While dragging the box " Lamp # 0 " a number of " Lamp # 0 " boxes followed in succesion like a snake. It's not just one box, it's several. Unable to do anything else on the left hand side. I've tried some of the other lamps with the same result.

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Close FSX, the Spotlights Manager and then can you please go into the 737-800 aircraft folder and delete any FSLSpotlights.ini files that you might find there.. then start FSX and the Manager again.

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I tried to get an image/video just can't do it. The problem I am having that prevents me from going farther is when I place my curser on a lamp on the right side and drag it using my left mouse key, I'm not dragging just the one box

from the lamp, but there's multiple boxes of the same lamp that follows. It looks like a snake. If I were to drag all over the manager , I would be able to have boxes of the same lamp all over the manager . Hope this helps.

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Lefteris Kalamaras

The issue here was this:

if the Spotlights Manager window is overlapping the FSX window, any rectangle movement in the Spotlights Manager leaves artifacts behind - i.e. the screen does not refresh properly. This is not a Spotlights Manager issue, it happens with any other window that is drawn on top of FSX - I am assuming it's a Windows issue, when the desktop window manager is not Aero.

The solution is to temporarily reduce the FSX window width so the two windows don't overlap, do what you need to do with Spotlights Manager, then close it (it won't be needed anyway) and use the internal FSX window to control spotlights.

I am thankful for Jetsmell's patience while I was mucking about on his computer trying to resolve what turned out to be a non-issue :).

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