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Req : Spotlight For The Amazing Ifly 747-400 V2


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Hello , everyone !

OK , first things first . Huge thanks from the bottom of my heart goes to the developers and the guys who created config files .

And believe me most of the simmers were feeling the empty place of this product in their community .
BTW , looking forward for the A-320 , that would be a great one .

Any way , I've created this topic to say to you guys that probably the only aircraft that really needs a new VC lighting and It needs it more than any other aircraft , is the IFly 747 V2 . And believe me It's worth doing this for her .

I mean look at other A/Cs . PMDG 777: Great airplane , great systems and even greater night lighting . PMDG Jet stream 41: Fabulous cockpit lights . Majestic Dash 8 , And the list goes on .

But when we get to IFly 747: Wonderful airplane , very good system simulation , eye candy animations in the pit (Yes it doesn't have wing flex but It will be fixed in the upcoming update as they promised) and I think it's even better than the current PMDG 747 (not their 747 v2) But when It comes to night lighting , what do you get ? In one word , Disappointment . And simply you can't fly at night .

So IMO , It's worth taking a look at it and reason why I haven't done this my self is that I even didn't download Spotlights yet and this is what I will do after posting this topic .

Of course it'll take some time for me to read the manuals and do it for the IFly Queen of the Skies .

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