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[Solved] Spotlights Compatibility


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Lefteris ,good afternoon! just stating that installed the following 10 addons smoothly until the moment:

1 ) ezDock camera 1:17
2 ) Captain yes 737
3 ) global orbx
4) various scenarios free Brazil
5 ) fokker -27 friendship (just flight ) and this 'm still setting
6) electra kbt l188
7) Wilco evolution 737 still in testing but working ok
8) DC- 8 flight just ( still setting up )
9) scenarios TropicalSim SBGL SBRJ
10) shockwave light redux working ok

I continue installing step by step and testing , but the spotlights sofware is very good and brings a more realistic immersion in the simulator , just I have a doubt ? when the external manager we raise the brightness of lights 1.0 to 6.0 for example in internal popup they continue with a maximum threshold of 1.0 is to correct this ? or there is a glow Limit software? or I configured wrong? because even after configure and save the external manager internal popup remains limited at most 1.0
I appreciate your attention and look

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Thanks for the report,

the brightness should be set up to 1.0 (which should be the maximum value). Values above that cause the lights to become white / oversaturated which looks unnatural.

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Lefteris Good afternoon , unfortunately I had a new problem to reinstall spotlights , sent to support a new email with a detailed report to facilitate analysis and troubleshooting appreciate the attention and look

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expensive only contributing to the development of software , that there is an incompatibility when installing any enb series , the popup (internal to fsx ) disappears , just him, show and hide menu keeps popping up however no function . and noted that this failure is being caused by .dll file D3D9 can check ? fsx as many users like to use this feature ( enb ) , there are many available for download on the internet but comotodos use d3d9.dll , I believe that the failure will be equal ; tested with at least 03 different versions. and all the same symptom occurs , only registered one more add on to assist in judging research and improvement. Regards

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Lefteris Kalamaras


your automatic translator is not quite great in its job ("expensive only..." is probably not what you meant to say), but we're looking into possible conflicts with D3D9 shader addons such as ENBSeries, ReShade or SweetFX and we'll have a fix for you as soon as we can. For now, can you try disabling those to see if it helps? If so, let us know!


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Friends forgive the wrong words because the translator will seek to improve and use the word Dearest same meaning in the word Brazil "expensive" I understand to be something very costly for you guys rsrsrs , sorry my fault, regarding enb only deleting the file D3D9 .dll that disables enb is that the popup normalizes ok? I could not through other means, but let the research now with you. greetings

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ok Lefteris , I'll try tomorrow however as I activated my current version more than once due to testing addons, and now is working ok , I am afraid to be limited a new activation because again I have to uninstall the current version to try with the new , and therefore only ask you to check before if it's all ok and I will not have this problem when trying to activate the new version , I thank you and I await the response and therefore also answer as soon as possible about the behavior with ENB

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hi Lefteris I tested the new version and realized a significant improvement because besides there is no popup crash that disappeared from fsx screen when alternated the screen for map or another addon , now also works with the series enb I tested at least 03 versions ok ? the only situation that would add what's going on but I did not mess up , is that when we are enabled enb , there is a glare on the popup, but this does not prevent the use, because simply just disable enb momentarily to adjust the lights and during this period he is disabled (shift + f12 ) glare disappears , still leave the your discretion analyze and choose whether or not an improvement in this case, and if you need that I test the spotlights with other add ons, for I have many can perform the tests without problems if necessary . Regards

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"and if you need that I test the spotlights with other add ons, for I have many can perform the tests without problems if necessary" -

Hi Maval - if you can that would be appreciated, and let us know if you encounter any issues (and with which add-on).

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Lefteris Kalamaras


yes, and it's fully compatible. But why not download it and give it a try yourself? You don't need a license for that, only once you're fully satisfied!

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very nice program, which I will definitely purchase shortly A couple of observations:

1.If FSX is in "bypass start up menu" mode, it crashes with dxgi.dll error. If FSX is configured with the usual start up menu, then Spotlights does not interfere and the program starts up fine.

2. When spotlights manager is first opened and a new group is created, there's no group window(bin) created, which makes moving( dropping) the first light confusing if not impossible.


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Hi Tony,

thanks for the observations. For 1, can you tell us what FSX version you run, if you run in DX9 or DX10 mode, if you have any addons such as Steve's fixer or ENB series etc.

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