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Trying The Beta


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Hi All

Sat at LGAV, testing new Flytampa scenery also :rolleyes: in the Q400

First impressions, very nice effects.

Can you map them to a aircraft button yet or is that still to come. Eg Q400 Dome light via Linda perhaps

Maybe slightly expensive, but I'll have a 'play' over the next few days

Great stuff


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Been having a look at this more today, the more I like so far. Gives the VC that 'edge'

Like it, but I think the lights need to be 'mapped' to buttons/switches. So for example in my Q400 I have the Dome light mapped to a throttle switch. I want the light on A use the switch ;)

If you can achieve that, now that would make it very good.

Offf to have another play with the lights.

Good Job I've just got the new FlyTampa LGAV, so looking at that also :rolleyes:



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  • 2 weeks later...

I like this very much but I cannot get the Spotlights Control Window that appears inside the simulator to show at all. Not via the menu and there is no ▲ in the bottom left of the screen either.

The external Spotlights Control Window works fine.

Appreciate any help before I purchase?

Thanks in advance

Jack Ford

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Hi Jack,

what add-ons do you have installed? We're investigating a possible incompatibility with SweetFX / ReShade at the moment, so if you have those (or any similar shader-tweak addons) you might want to uninstall, test and let us know if that's the fix (we'll make sure we fix the problem if that's the case).

If you don't have those addons, please be so kind as to list what addons you have so we can test.

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Hi Jack,

I see several VRS add-ons - are you using the TacPack? If so, can you disable the Experimental D3D features (uncheck that box) to see if that works for you?

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Indeed I do have TacPack and your suggestion worked. Disabling the Experimental D3D option allows the Spotlights Control Window to appear inside FSX.

I hope this helps ...

Many thanks


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