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Hi guys,

Im new to the forum, im SGT Roebuck from 1196 sqn Air Training Corps.

Our squadron is planning to upgrade our existing flight sim and was wondering if anyone had any fresh ideas as we've been given a six month time scale to have a redesign and expansion of our setup.

We want to make it fairly realistic to teach cadets how to fly, so a simple joystick and screen isn't sufficient.

Currently we have an alienware gaming pc with 3 21.5" screens with a yolk, 4 throttle pannel and rudder pedals.

Ideally we want to turn what at the moment is just a desk with screens on into a single seat cockpit.

Our squadron has asked us to produce a design to be presented to our Commanding Officer.

Any input from this forum or any design plans would be greatly appreciated.

If any more specs are needed just let me know,


SGT Roebuck

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