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Lost On Ice

Charan Kumar

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Charan Kumar

Quiet a flight it was, 2 hrs later, and with INS out of whack, had to cheat to get in. Weather showed somewhat interesting when I departed NZCH for a flight to NZIR in the CONCORDE, of course, not understanding properly, proceeded only to find out that I couldn't see where the rwy or the airport was, after turning around a bit to look for it...finally ended up clearing the weather to make a visual approach into the airport (ah the wonders of the sim world). I also apologize for the poor quality of pics as I hadn't set the capture settings properly.

I had picked two waypoints, one 10nm out on the final approach course, and the last but one waypoint being the rwy itself, and had both programmed in the INS. However, I mismanaged my descent and was coming too high too fast and didn't make it below 900 ft to see the lead in lights in the first approach, which I could've, but things happening too fast during an approach phase, and bad pilotage. Even with endless visibility, the hand flown approach was no less fun. You can't beat the feeling of how the Concorde steps onto the rwy during landing :)


Leaving NZCH in rain


Antartica in sight


Short Final over rwy 13


Parked and Unloading at McMurdo



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Milton Kuser

It looks like a nice challenging flight. I have been thinking about heading down to that area as well, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Definitely a different world down there!

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If I had landed as planned, it would've been completely challenging, vis app just turned out to be just another app, although every app is different. I do plan to try this again, with fall back measures. Aerosoft scenery adds a couple of VORs in the area, McMurdo is the only station actually I could find on skyvector map. The INS can be retuned using these and then with a go around procedure consisting of waypoints leading back to the rwy, I must be able to descend to minimums which is miles and miles of ice anyways...nearest airport being NZCH, the Lady is the only one who could do it under 2hrs, which is barely the time I could spare for a flight.

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