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First Flight


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After half a dozen ground runs to familiarize myself with the systems and checklist flows, I finally lit the cans and took her into the air. :D


I still haven't attained supersonic. Today's flight was more getting-to-know-you, so it was restrained to subsonic up at FL360, ranging out 110nm west from Nice Côte D'Azur before looping back for the return. I almost busted that sound barrier - looked down and notice the Mach meter passing .98 before I was able to snatch back the throttles. I know, it'd have been easy, but I'm determined to have this bird down before I crack that 1.00 number. B)

Thanks to the wife for the airport scenery.




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Scott White

Nice shots Alex.


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Guest Paul Smith

Nice shot's Alex, and well done for learning the bird properly. I'm sure you'll find her a much more rewarding toy as a result!



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@Scott - Thanks.

@Smiffy - And to you too. I put up my first supersonic flight report... and it's a great example of why RTM is such a wonderful erm. lol.

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