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Two Classics Brought Together..

Matthias Hanel

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Nice shots.

I know that both the BA Concorde and the Air France Concorde made it to Hong Kong. Does anyone know the schedule or routes they were on to get there. I cannot find any regular scheduled service so have to think this was a tour of some type. thanks,


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Matthias Hanel

It would be a nice addition to the Heathrow-Bahrain-Singapore route. From Singapore you can head directly over the sea and go up to Hong Kong.

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Michael Penson

Mark, she used to fly - London - Bahrain - Bangkok - Hong Kong, but I have no idea what the routing was. I think, if I remember correctly Concorde only flew a couple flights before her overfly permissions were pulled. She also flew one flight via Delhi, before being re-routed to Singapore.

From Steve Foster at BAV:

London - Bahrain

Date: 2 March 1985

Flight #: BA9063C


Off blocks: LHR 1358 GMT

Airbourne: LHR 1415 GMT

Landed: BAH 1839 GMT

On blocks: BAH 1840 GMT

Distance flown: 3,126 n.miles

Supersonic flight time: 1 hr 33 mins

Bahrain - Bangkok

Date: 2/3 March 1985

Flight #: BA9063C


Off blocks: BAH 2003 GMT

Airbourne: BAH 2012 GMT

Landed: BKK 2359 GMT

On blocks: BKK 0004 GMT

Distance flown: 3,542 n.miles

Supersonic flight time: 3 hr 02 mins

Bangkok - Hong Kong

Date: 3 March 1985

Flight #: BA9063C


Off blocks: BKK 0113 GMT

Airbourne: BKK 0117 GMT

Landed: HKG 0317 GMT

On blocks: HKG 0323 GMT

Distance flown: 1,656 n.miles

Supersonic flight time: 1 hr 25 mins

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