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Concorde X - Pre-Production


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Hi all,

here are some Shots of my new repaint, the Concorde X BRITISH AIRFORCE CORPORATION - AEROSPATIALE FRANCE Pre-Production G-AXDN.

Please let me know if you have any idea to bring it on the plane.

Hope you enjoy them.











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Hi Russ,

thanks for the feedback :D

But i wont upload these Version of the Pre-Production Repaint. Maybe later ... but if you are interestet send a personal message and i can send you the files you need via E-Mail, but still with them you are a Beta-Tester ;)

Direct X10 works not with these textures and the Repaint is not complete, so i will do some work at the Wings and at the body.

The Duxford Concord has many small pictures, so i think that is very hard to repaint.

Best regards

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Hi rabee,

thanks for the feedback and for the tip. I take a look at the *.psd Files and you are right, I will do some work on the Repaint and will put some Screenshots of the new Version in.

Thanks again and best regards

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Hi. New to the forum & of the Concorde X, tho not new to the Concorde, having both the Pro & SSTSIM versions. If this file is still available, please could you send a link to dload as well. Love the Pre versions. Thanks

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