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The Final Flight of G-BOAG

Fredric Greenblott

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Fredric Greenblott

November 5, 2003 - One of many sad days at the final twilight of Concorde's flying career. On this day, Alpha Golf made her final ever flight from JFK to Boeing Field in Seattle, to be added to the collection at the Museum of Flight. She was given special permission to fly supersonic over Northern Canada for this last flight, and in doing so, she set a new record time for the westbound crossing of North America. Alpha Golf was the first Concorde I ever saw in person, and as such, has a special place in my heart. I decided to research and fly this flight yesterday - BAW9094.


Lined up for a departure off of 13R, the NY Skyline looming in the background.


Reheats on, punching through Mach 1 about 40 miles after YMT. Since we're quite light, the time to M1.7 was only 5 minutes 31 seconds.


I will admit, it feels so wrong to be flying supersonic over North America. But also special at the same time. From any and every angle, she is absolutely gorgeous.



Short final to 14R at KBFI - with the Seattle skyline greeting us.


Touchdown - stick forward, de-rotating for the last time.


Aircraft secure - With the "crowds" dissipated, Alpha Golf now sits, awaiting her weeks-long decommissioning job.


All in all, this was a very interesting and fun route to fly, but replicating last flights always brings a tinge of sadness. Nevertheless, I'm glad I finally got to do this one!

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