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Charan Kumar

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Hello, long time since last post, but how did you go with ConcordeX on CTP??

I'm wanting to do East Bound 2011 CTP with ConcordeX...have done it with MD-11 before...was heaps of fun!!


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Hi John,

It was one of the Sierra tracks and then I planned a short descent to cross ENGLAND over the north and then accelerate again completely staying over water till I got to Oslo for the final descent. These were done with Custom waypoints which threw all the four enroute controllers near UK for a loop. They were totally confused as to what to do with my flight. The biggest reason being the slower counterparts were all passing NW to SE over UK and my descent would be in their track. So they decided to let me continue at M2.0 and stay up there as nobody else would come within 17000 ft of my flight. Actual flight path can be found here.


I usually book a slot, but considering that the Concorde fliers are allowed to plan their own route as long as you use the recommended sierra track and our flying time is only 3hrs compared to the 7 to 8 hrs the other acft take, I decided not to take a slot. This would give another person a chance. Any delay would be at departure end and then I am out of their way before they know it. I usually depart later in the event, nearly 4-5 hrs after start so there is arrival services at the destination and being a west coaster, it is more into my daytime than early morning (I am really not a morning person, and dealing with so many instruments is strictly not advisable for me :D). I also pick routes that are within the Concorde's range and as much water body as possible. Once flew JFK-FRA and crossed the english channel at M2.0, since path was over water, the controller let me do it. But planning the over the water takes time as you have to make your own route. Advantage being, I know my route well ahead of others as they don't get their routes till that morning. I print paper charts, use simroutes.com to create my route and export the fsx flight plan and use the plan converter to get my ADEU cards all lined up well in advance.

All departure airports are good this time, and as long as you limit your arrival to KEWR/KBOS you will be fine as you can keep your speed up. Going into the other three, expect to be slowed down and fuel handling etc comes into play :)

If you have any other specific qns, shoot and send a PM, I will be glad to answer them.

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Thankyou very much Charan for taking the time to give me that very detailed response, greatly appreciated. I've had ConcordeX for about 8 months now, I think, like a lot of other people it has taken me a while to learn and become comfortable with the plane. I am still not 100% but I continue learning and constantly referring to the tutorial provided. I really enjoyed CTP Westbound 2011 in the MD-11, I thought doing it with the Concorde would give me a real challenge, having said that, I have a lot to learn yet and don't want to make a mess of it during the event. I've got some time up my sleeve before CTP so will continue to practice and learn and then decide. Will you be doing CTP this year?

regards John Davis

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So far, yes, but I am looking to see if I can get Oceanic training in the shanwick/gander side, since I already ctrl in KZAK, but given my current schedule, I am not sure. If I fly, I will fly EGKK-KEWR.

Oceanic will be online for practice, so get some time in b4 if you can.

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G'day Charan, just completed a successful flight with Concorde EGLL-KJFK....no problems so am very happy...will keep an eye out for oceanic control for some practice, thanks mate.

regards John

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:facepalm: This is eastbound that's coming up, same as this one...your arrival airports into Europe can all be handled by Concorde. Just remember to slow down over the land and you should be good. If you go to EDDF, I can look up the plan and post it here!! Cheers and good luck!!

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Sorry guys but what is TCP?

CTP (not TCP) stands for Cross The Pond, an event on the online community VATSIM, where acft, 300+ users will fly between the east coast of North America and the west coast of Europe and get complete ATC services including Oceanic clearance and position reporting facilities or the 7+ hr flights or 3.2 hrs in the case of our supersonic lady. This website is from last yr, http://ctp.vatsim-uk.org/. Edited by Charan Kumar
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