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To Sandy-er Pastures

Vimal Anandharaman

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Vimal Anandharaman


A little trip report for those who love to read em:))

Setting up with G-N94AD for a service down to SIN via BHR. This airframe eventually became G-BOAD! One special thing about this airframe is that there are 2 liveries on it! On one side, its the BA livery while on the other, its the SQ livery. This routing is very performance limited, and in real life, mostly operated towards the evening/night where cooler temperatures prevail in Bahrain and in Singapore.


As my home airline, it really is amazing to see SQ on a Concorde. The plane made it onto the Singapore 20 dollar note back in the day, albeit with the SQ livery depicted to be painted on the wrong side :D


Taxiing to 09R for departure! We are heavy today and fully topped up to the brim, even having to bring out HLI procedures. ZFW of 88.0T and 96.9T of fuel for the trip down to Bahrain (OBBI)


Waving goodbye to UK, oveflying Brighton as we cross the channel.



We cruise at M0.95 at FL270 for the subsonic leg across France and into Italy. It is crazy how quick this plane covers land even at subsonic speeds.



Crossing the Alps into Italy.



At waypoint Alpha, we are just about clearing Venice and overflying the Adriatic Sea. We begin our supersonic climb and acceleration!



Mach 2.00! It is interesting to hear the chatter and the occasional "mach 2" comment :D



After about 40 min, we overfly Egypt and its vast vast deserts! I suppose the camels do hate me now. Our routing this afternoon uses the route through Italy and across Saudi Arabia to reach Bahrain. The initial route brought the plane above Lebanon and down south to Bahrain.

I have to say, this would look amazing in MSFS.


We almost reach FL600, something we will achieve on our next leg down to Singapore.


We start our descent towards Bahrain, just barely visible in this image! It is a fairly small country I must say. Today's approach is very simple, we fly direct to the Bahrain VOR, and follow the ILS12L approach. It's a sweltering 40C outside at the airport.



Overflying our alternate of Dammam. Don;t worry we are already subsonic ;)



Lining up with 12L. Stable? Stable!


After a smooth landing (believe me ;) ) We taxi to gate 21 for parking.




Welcome to Bahrain Internation Airport! For some reason, the ground crew believes that they can fit ULDs into the forward belly :D


Thank you for the wonderful plane. Been really enjoying it! One of my most favorite addon ever tbh.




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Ahmed Ahzaam Mohamed 1836

Go to the GSX Profile for OBBI and change:

from this: loadertype = 2 1 2
to this: loadertype = 3 3 2

Do it for all gates and ramps as well as parkings

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