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Side Stick console build

Gregory Verba

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Gregory Verba

After a lot of work, side stick console is finished.

Side stick and tiller are from Skalarki.

Console designed and build by myself :).



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Gregory Verba
Just now, Norman Blackburn said:

Looks fantastic Gregory!

Thanks a lot Norman! It feels different too. After using Thrustmaster warthog stick and no tiller for years, Skalarki stuff is another world :)

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Gregory Verba
2 hours ago, Michael Ackermann said:

Very impressive indeed, your skills are amazing! 

Thanks a lot Michael!

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Gregory Verba

Hi Joe,

I can recommend it. Build quality is awesome as always.

Smooth and precise movement in all axis and feels pretty solid. 

If you think to get Skalarki tiller one day, it connects directly to stick's bonrad card. 

I had TM warthog stick before and this one is a different world.


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stephen speak
On 11/11/2023 at 12:42 PM, Joe Park said:

Thanks Gregory, sound like a purchase :) . I have the tiller already so looking to order sidestick and console.


thanks for the feedback, much appreciated 



joe..i have a 10% coupon code for skalarki..i have emailed marcin to check its ok to share..hopefully will let everyone know sometime today so watch this space..everyone loves a discount


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