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Low Resolution Quality of some DUs by FSLabs/Skalarki Interface

Jan Willemsen

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Jan Willemsen
Hello everyone,
So far I have used the 2D panels for DU display of the PFDs, NDs and ECAMs. Now, when setting up the interface, I found that I can also display them here. 
Unfortunately, the resolution of some DU displays is not good. However, this has nothing to do with the settings of my monitors. Attached are a few pictures. 
How can I adjust the resolution of these displays?




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Michael Ackermann

Hi Jan,

you can increase the resolution in the panel.cfg in the [VCockpit 02] - [VCockpit 07] sections.

You have posted in the wrong forum though. In the Hardware Interface forum you'll also find lots of info regarding the alternative undocking/panelstore method.



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Fabian Schankin

Hi Jan and Jesus,

in case you still having the issues, following values need to be changed


gauge00=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_1,                           0,    0, 1024, 1024, F0.85


all red marked values are set to 512 by default.

Change the values for [VCockpit02] - [VCockpit07]. Going higher with the resolution causes trouble for me so I stayed with 1024, but the overall crispyness is not as good as with the pop up panels.



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