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G-Boad Ba/singapore

Ed Byrom

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Have finished the first attempt to have 2 seperate livery's on each side. It's far from perfect and is packaged up and ready for uploading.

I will update this post once uploaded first thing on monday and hope someone finds it useful.





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Thanks to Lefteris for his help and support, I'm pleased to say this repaint is now available from the Downloads section in the top menu!

Theres is a new section called repaints and the file can be found there, there will be more to follow.

or click HERE

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Nice job.

I was so very fortunate to fly the Concorde once from EGLL to KJFK on British Airways and this was the Livery that it had.

I was only 15 years old at the time but, will never forget the experience for flying to New York and arriving there before I took off from London. (Does that even make sense:))

I am now looking forward to flying the Concorde for myself thanks to Flight Sim Labs.

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