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Undocked DCDU screens would be nice

Vincent Twisker

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Vincent Twisker

We already have the MCDU and ISIS screens available for undocking. Would it be possible to add the DCDU screens to the list in a future update? DIY DCDUs would make a nice addition to my homecockpit project:)

Many thanks!



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Vincent Twisker

I've checked the Panel.cfg this morning. There is no Popup DCDUscreen CPT and FO like there is the option for the MCDUs;

[Window Titles]
Window00=Config Panel
Window01=Captain Main Panel
Window02=Fwd Overhead Panel
Window03=Pedestal Panel
Window04=Switching Panel
Window05=Captain MCDU
Window06=F/O MCDU

Window07=Aft Overhead Panel
Window08=F/O Main Panel

Window10=Popup MCDUScreen CPT
Window11=Popup MCDUScreen F/O

Window20=Captain IFR Panel
Window21=FO IFR Panel

Window25=Popup DDRMI

Window26=Popup PFD - CPT
Window27=Popup ND - CPT
Window28=Popup E/WD
Window29=Popup SD
Window30=Popup ND - F/O
Window31=Popup PFD - F/O

Window32=Popup ISIS

Window33=Popup Gear-Clock
Window34=Popup Center
Window35=Popup ECAMs - CPT
Window36=Popup ECAMs - FO

Window37=Captain DCDU
Window38=F/O DCDU

Window39=Mini Controls Panel

Window50=Computers Panel
Window51=Sensor Panel


Please add this option in a future update, thanks!


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Andrej Ropret

I agree, please add it to the undockable ones.

Many people have in the recent years replaced their monitors therefore the old ones remain with no use, therefore can be very handy to place MCDU and DCDU on one of these additional monitors. Not to mention all of us, who do DIY projects and homecockpits.

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