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PoV adjustement for F/O side

Pedro Jorge Ferreira

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Pedro Jorge Ferreira

Hi all, good morning, 

I would like your help, if possible, for the following issue:

I run a full cockpit with FSL software and skalarki modules, the image is projected with only one beamer to a double curved screen (corrected with FlyElise), flying on Cap side I can see the image aligned and the plane flying "straight" but when flying on FO side the image is a little offside giving the sensation of flying the aircraft with some pedal applied, I understand this “parallax” sensation is caused by projected image corresponds to cap side PoV only.

So, I kindly ask if any of you here have a way of correcting this issue or the ability to manage the projected image in order for both pilots can see and feel that the aircraft is flying straight.

Thank you!  


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2 solution I could think of:

1) make a different view "window" for FO, but that will make both pilot have a distortion if he look other's place,  eg Capt look slightly to the right or FO look slightly to the left. My school had a old self-build simulator with 4 big screen, and you'll see 2 runway when stopped on starting point, each parallel to one pilot.


2) make the screen far enough, that of course makes it much more expensive, on a real Full Simulator, the "screen" is actually a mirror, and with some fancy math apply to the projector image, it came with almost undistorted view to both pilot, even back to the jumpseat instructor,  you'll only noticed distortion if you stand way back in the simulator. but of course that's a hell lot more expensive than a family style projection.

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Pedro Jorge Ferreira

Hi Zhu, good morning 


Thank you for your reply and sorry for my late reply. 

I end up playing with the camera views and assign a new view for FO so when I fly solo image stays normal and when fly with FO and he is flying the arcraft we change the view to his side, seems to work ok with a litlle bit of use. 


Thank you 


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