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First Repaint

Ed Byrom

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Milton Kuser

Any chance this has been uploaded anywhere? Such as AVSIM so the rest of us can enjoy it too? Excellent work!

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I'm having a very busy week and it looks like just as busy a weekend, but I am intending to put this and several other repaints up on AVSIM just as soon as I can

Thanks for the interest


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  • 4 weeks later...

Send it to Lefteris,and he'll (hopefully) put a download link on the website with other repaints.


P.S.Lefteris,I've been tellingloads ofpeople about giving repaints,so you'll be editing your website 24/7!

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Pete,

I configured the repaints section of the download area in such a way that members can upload their contributions directly - all that needs to be done next is to have them receive approval from a library moderator.

As long as the copyright message is included (as per the readme in the existing repaints), all should be well... I'd invite people to read that readme file and imitate the writing style.

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