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Enzo's Repaints

Enzo Dewit

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I've created this topic to post all of my Work in Progress and the update of my liveries, and if you want request me a livery I'm open :)

So here's my last WIP :


OO-SNB Tintin of Brussels Airlines (really early W.I.P)



And the first fish among the 20 to draw :



See you soon for the release :D




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Tom van der Elst

I think it's a bit strange in that when I think of Brussels I do not think of dots.

And having worked in Belgium the last few years I never find dots, either, only potholes.

But I gotta hand it to them, I thought it was ludicrous and then my wife walked in and

said "what's that your cussin' about ?" ... I say "new Brussels Airline design" ... she goes "oooh, NICE!" ...:blink::blink::blink::blink:

So I guess it's working for some people, anyway :D

( and my wife does have good taste, she's married to me, need I say more.)





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17 minutes ago, Tom van der Elst said:

she goes "oooh, NICE!"

That could tell us a female graphic designer came to this idea.
By the way, I have just asked my wife and... she likes the new livery too! :)

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1 hour ago, Rafal Haczek said:

Where is creativity going these days? :mellow:

"Wenn der Designer nichts weiß, macht er nen Kreis."

(German sarcastic saying in my line of work)


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Tom van der Elst

I must say, I saw a picture of that thing landing LJLJ and it did look nicer then it looked in the hangar yesterday.

You captured it well, Enzo, good job.

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4 hours ago, Tom van der Elst said:

I must say, I saw a picture of that thing landing LJLJ and it did look nicer then it looked in the hangar yesterday.

You captured it well, Enzo, good job.

Thanks !


You can download it here :



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Another interesting part of the story.

The first comparison comes from yesterday's news in Polish media.
It shows three logos, with the first one being Gazeta.pl, which is a major Polish news site. Well, I've seen it somewhere... :blink:

The other mem needs no comment. :P



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  • 3 weeks later...

Sad news about my TinTin illustration, I totally forgot it when I reset my computer, I need to redo it :wacko:

 So to forgot my mistake here's my last W.I.P  


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On 1/6/2022 at 7:56 PM, Daniel Graf said:

Great work!

Hows Tintin doing? ;)

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I posted here, I just finished the biggest work on the OO-SNB (Tintin), I've needed to re start everythings because I totally forgot to save my .psd files before reinstall my computer, but now it's good :D

I will release it soon !


Prepar3D 2022-02-20 22-24-52.png

Prepar3D 2022-02-20 22-25-34.png

Prepar3D 2022-02-20 22-25-45.png

Prepar3D 2022-02-20 22-35-17.png

Prepar3D 2022-02-20 22-35-54.png

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  • 1 month later...

Hello everyone,

little message for you here, I'm actually working on the "Dove" livery of British Airways.

It's probably my hardest one, all of the "lines" has been drawn by hand, I hope you will like it !







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Tom van der Elst

Absolutely smashing.

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I ask maybe if anyone is interested to test my last livery (The Dove) before the release, send me a message on the forum.

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