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Help with issue on Skalarki Lower pedestal pack (Flaps and Spoilers)

Diogo S Ferreira

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Diogo S Ferreira

Hello, I bought the lower pedestal pack ( Flaps, Spoilers and rudder trim) but I’m having a problem because on Skalarki profiler it shows connected and I can calibrate them Both the Flaps and the Spoilers on it.

My issue here is that after running the FSLabs interface hardware calibration (I bought the pedestal license yesterday together with the radios license) nothing appears on the top when I choose flaps 1 or 2 or 3 or full…and the same for spoilers…only when I choose at the beginning flaps 0 it appears something there but nothing else on the other positions…and when I start fslabs after running the interface only pulling the flaps to 0 after landing is working… but it doesn’t t allow me to set flaps…I’ve tried using the fslabs configuration screen on the fslabs menu that I used for some time for TCA Flaps and spoilers and nothing happens if I move them…and on the mcdu calibration if I move the flaps nothing happens also and no changes on the values either…

if someone can give an help and some hints I’ll be very Thankfull :).

My best Regards

Diogo Ferreira




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