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From La Palma (GCLA) to the Rock (LXGB)

Rado Sutto

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Yesterday I performed routine flight from La Palma (plane full of the evacuated tourists) to the Gibraltar. Peacefully flight has been disturbed by... check the video


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Tom van der Elst

Amraam's on an A320 ... come on man :D:D:D

And I sure hope your wife does not watch it :D

Nice video.





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Tom van der Elst
37 minutes ago, Rado Sutto said:

Why not AIM-120 on Bus when Cessna F/A 172 can have AIM-9s ?



That's exactly why, I mean, A cessna 172 with rockets is like your grandma killing a fly with a squadron attack from USS Nimitz.

Its not normal, and it never will be.

Don't get me started on 737's with Harpoon missiles, either.

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