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FSUIPC and Mobiflight Output


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Hi, I am using FSUIPC with MOBIFLIGHT and I have problem to create the "output" for FSLAB (in particular led button lights). There is any available tutorial? Thanks

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Ciao Fabio,

This is the core of the problem with MOBIFLIGHT and FSLABS.......

If you want to have the status of the LED on a switch in "unpressed" state like AVAIL or FAULT for now is not possible because it's necessary

to have the SDK to obtain the "EVENT" code and the same is for the switch "pressed" like "ON" because also in this case the event number

for the switch is not usable to switch the LED in the condition requested.

If you try to use a PMDG product with MOBIFLIGHT it's possible to obtain all the LED conditions because they have published all

of the EVENT codes related to their airplanes, as you can see in the FSUIPC documentation


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