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ACC Rudder Pedals Feedback

Sebastian Vogt

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Sebastian Vogt

Dear Guys, I got my ACC Rudders now and after reading the Feedback of the Tiller from Bob, I decided to write a review now after I tested all. I think reviews are important to give a clear view away from the "high gloss shop" photos.

Here is me review about the ACC Rudders I just got.

General appearance
At first glance after unpacking from the box, I have to say that the Rudders are really big! They don't look that big in the photos. The weight is also impressive. I didn't weigh it, but I guess it weighs around 15kg. It is made entirely of aluminum and the cover is made of a kind of fiberglass. This is also extremely stable. Everything is painted dark blue in the typical Airbus color (possibly powder-coated). The level of detail of the indication and the footrests are great. I have never seen it like this anywhere. Take a look at the photos for yourself. I even discovered a small dedication to me. (certainly for the production line ;) )

Tactile Feel
As expected, the feel is stiff and play-free. ACC has managed to build a rudder which is adjustable in distance, describes a circular movement and yet is full of rudder and both brakes that can be linked to a second. I haven't seen that on the market either. Not even at FSC. The possibility to run it alone, i.e. not as a couple, is also not available at FSC.
The movement of the rudder itself is relatively large and smooth. It is provided with an oil damper which gives the pedals a smooth movement. The brakes have a slightly small angle. I don't know what this is like for real, but it's okay. The brake pedal goes with a certain force, but also softly.
The adjustment works via the T-shaped lever. If you pull this, the pedals move to the foremost position. This can be seen on the display. If you now pull the lever again, you can let the pedals snap into place with the weight of the legs in 6 steps by overall 100mm backwards. That works quite good.

The rudders are connected as normal via USB and recognized as a game controller. The three axes can be assigned as usual.
Special software is not necessary.

I think they could have installed a kind of "broom" at the outlets of the pedals to cover the mechanics. The complex technology inside looks very impressive, but it would then be protected and it would be a little closer to reality. Maybe there also should be a more detailed Instruction come along with it. There is just coming a bore hole crad and a describtion how to install it.

I have nothing to complain about yet and I am happy and impressed with this very heavy, complex and compact all-rounder. The rudder looks very similar to the original and is unique in its range of functions - precisely because it is top floor. Many home cockpit users or even living room pilots simply have no way of building under the floor - this is where the ACC rudders come into play. For the price, a real bargain if you know the market.


PS: If you like to, I can also do a review of the 2.5 Sidestick I just got.

Please also share your reviews ;)








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