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Nasty surprise over Norway

Rado Sutto

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Very nice scenic flight from Nordkapp Honningsvag/Valan Airport to Bergen.

Few minutes after take off from ENHV :


Climbing to FL360 :



Cruise level, somewhere over Tromso :


Alarm in the cockpit, after quick check I found dead all 3 IRSs, TCAS off, radio INOP, PFDs dark, NDs with scary label MAP NOT AVAILABLE, probably the engines was the only operational thing. The bird still can fly, can maneuvre, nothing is lost. But I don't know where I am. On MCDU I can see GPS position and track. OK, this and old good Ti59 with aviation library is enough. That archaic calculator can calculate course and distance from actual position to the known destination. I switched all IRSs to ATT mode, entered course, then displays returned to the life. Then I quickly calculated needed course to the Bergen, tuned FLS VOR and navigated toward the airport. And I'm here, some miles from Bergen :


Base turn to the rwy 35 :


Taxiing to gate 28 :


At the gate, mechanics to the cockpit, please :



One hour later :

My defective flight officer (14 years old son) said : It was not malfuncion, but my work. Nice fun to navigate without navigation, but You did it !

I growled : Give me Deagle !!!

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