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FS Spotlight - Not Working

Will Thomas

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Will Thomas


I recently purchased and installed the Sharklet version for both the A320 and A321 but FS Spotlight has not been working since before the release of the Sharklets.

I've looked through other forum posts in an effort to find a fix but with no success other than reinstalling P3D which I do not want to do as I have a LOT of addons. I can launch FS Spotlight and when I attempt to adjust the lighting I get a flicker when using the slider but the lighting does not stay: it flashes quickly then it's gone. I would like to fly at night and while the rest of the cockpit is lit the autopilot section (dash / FADEC) is not lit and it is very difficult to make changes when it's dark.

I am running P3D v4.5 HF3, Build

Uninstalled and reinstalled FS Spotlight but that did not correc the issue.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Robert Scott

Are you using Spotlights v2.0.0.15? 

The v5.x.x.x versions of Spotlight are for P3Dv5 only--AFAIK they are not backwards-compatible with P3D v4.x

Also, are you running a shader mod like PTA or Tomatoshade?

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Will Thomas

Thanks for responding, Robert.

I installed v2.0.0.15 and I am not running any shader mods and I am unaware of any addon I may have installed which user shader mods. I also noticed the little "carat" is not visible in the lower left corner of the screen. The only options on the dropdown menu from the "Addons" in P3D is "FSLabs>Spotlights>Disable/Hide Window or Enable/Show Window".

When selecting "Show Window" nothing appears to happen as the window is nowhere to be found (in the taskbar or behind another open window.


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