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James Kavanagh


I feel silly asking this, but I really can't find the answer anywhere. I'm building oy own MCDU, and I am a bit confused on how to get the MCDU screen onto my external display.

I have the screen working correctly and set up in windows etc. I just can't for the life of me work out how to get the 2D panel to pop out as just the screen, and not the whole MCDU.
I've searched this forum and have seen plenty of people talking about it, and even seeen a screenshot or two, but havent been able to find out HOW to do it.

Is there a better way to be doing it, I just assumed that undocking and dragging it to the external monitor would be fine?

Thanks in advance!

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James Kavanagh
18 hours ago, Vincent Twisker said:

As per the above, but look for the cpt or fo MCDU screen.

Good luck

Thank you!
This, along with a bit more Google, and I finally got it working!


For anyone else that comes across this and isnt familiar with the 2D cockpit and popouts, here's how I managed it:

Locate the "panels.cfg" file in here:

C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 CFM\Panel

You need to enable the MCDU screen only popouts:

//Window10=Popup MCDUScreen CPT
//Window11=Popup MCDUScreen F/O

Find those lines and remove the "//" so you're left with:

Window10=Popup MCDUScreen CPT
Window11=Popup MCDUScreen F/O

Save, and restart P3D.

(I'd recommend keeping a copy of the original file of course!)

Now you're back in the sim, load up the A320 and get the screens all up and running (go through start up procedure or just change state to on APU/Engine running/etc)
Now go to here:

Menu> Vehicle > Instrument Panel > Popup MCDUScreen CPT (or F/O if you prefer)

And there you go, right click it and undock it, then move it to where you need it. You can get rid of the windows bar by going full screen with ALT+ENTER, or you can just resize and reposition to how you need it to hide the windows bar.


I hope this helps someone, as it was a real pain to get the information!

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