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Need Some Help Regarding Cabin Lighting.

Sameer Mankame

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Sameer Mankame

Hi There.

I've Been Using FSL AIRBUS A320 Since FSX. Recently Got Myself A FSL AIRBUS A320 P3D V5 Version, And Very Happy With The Quality That This Aircraft Offers. Thanks To Lefteris, Andrew And The Entire FSL AIRBUS Team Who Have Worked On This Magnificent Aircraft And Bringing This Airplane To Reality. Bravo 5*.

I Have Some Questions Regarding Cabin Lighting. Is The Cabin Always That Dark (No Ceiling, No Both Side Wall Lights)  ? As Per My Trips On The Real AIRBUS A320 The Cabin Is Never That Dark During Boarding, Deplaning And Inflight.

If Not How To Fix This. I've The Latest FSL AIRBUS A320 ( And FSL Spotlights ( Installed On My Computer.

Please Help Me To Get Correct Info How Cabin Lights Work In FSL AIRBUS As Compared To The Real Aircraft And If This Is An Issue How To Fix It.

Thanking You

Sameer R Mankame 



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Sameer Mankame

Ok Thanks For The Information. Since (No Ceiling, No Both Side Wall Lights) At Those Stages Is Way Too Dark (Boarding, Deplaning And Inflight.), Is The FSL AIRBUS Team Thinking Of A Fix For This ?

Thanking You.

Sameer Mankame


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Sameer Mankame

Hi Andrew. Thanks For The Info. Can't Wait To See That Cabin Of My FSL AIRBUS A320 Lighted Up Beautifully And Correctly For Boarding, Deplaning, Inflight And Other Phases In That Next Update. 

I Thank You Andrew, Lefteris And The Entire FSL AIRBUS Team For Always Listening To Their Customers And Always Working To Help Them To Solve Their Issue Earliest As Possible.


Sameer Mankame 

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