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What we really need in terms of HW

Waleed Nuseibeh

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Waleed Nuseibeh

So this is more a wish list as I am unwilling to pay inexplicable prices(local taxes that exceed 100% as they are branded toys) for what I would like to have in my setup to make life easier.

1- simple overhead that includes all light buttons, APU buttons including APU bleed, and seat belt signs.

Makes life a whole lot easier when exiting the runway, as there is a lot to do while trying to stay lined up during taxi.

2-"Simple" pedestal that includes Radio, WXR, ATC,Tcas, and Audio panel, again for above mentioned reason and the desire to get onto Vatsim at some point in the future.

I know Skalarki has a pedestal package, but it lacks the ATC/Tcas panel, and contains a Flood lights panel that I believe is not necessary in my case.

I have the Thrust master Airbus set, and ordered the tiller from Cat3Design, and will find a way to get the FCU, and MCDU from Skalarki without having a heart attack in regards the taxes (believe it or not, even shipping is taxed), but with the above mentioned, things would be complete.

I wrote this here in the hopes that someday someone will come up with said products.

Thanks and happy landings.


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Norman Blackburn

Hi Waleed,

There are a number of Skalarki options.  More importantly you can contact them and ask for things to be done bespoke so for example including the ATC panel but not the lights.  I for example have all the bits you mention and no light controls.

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Waleed Nuseibeh

Thanks for the response Norman,

I contacted them to see if I could replace the "old" WXR unit with the new one, and add the ATC/Tcas unit but was rebuffed.

I also requested the lights unit, but it was for a cockpit build and not stand alone. They did however mention that they may do something in the future.

I can buy the unit, and get the ATC/TCAS unit separately, but then again, you do not want to be anywhere near the setup when I get it done.

Not my strong point, and I do not know  how to "physically" add the ATC/Tcas as it is a separate unit, and I am no good at "connecting" it to the pedestal.

Anyhow, thanks again for your response and as always I am patient and hopeful.

Who knows, perhaps the whole setup will be ready in time for whatever (not Sharklets) beauty you guys will come up with next.

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